Monday, 17 November 2008

liitle poems

Waiting for your turn,
Time seems to slowly tick by,
Then your name is called.

Drowning in your love,
Passion flowing through my veins,
Eternal love.

New fresh beginning,
Turn a mew page in the chapter,
Once upon a time.

some more creativeness

Creative writing 20/10/08

Orange and Red that’s what enters my head as I’m looking at this picture that’s set straight ahead.
An autumn day is what comes to mind my favourite time of year the leaves have fallen to the ground leaving a beautiful colourful blanket of red, orange, yellow and brown the trees are bare but strong in the wind. A gentle breeze is all it takes to make the woods sing there magic song which to us is the rustle of the leaves. The animals are starting to settle down and getting ready for what lies ahead the long long winter when they hibernate. The wood in autumn is such a magical place it’s like a whole other world where you can be whoever you your imagination will let you be. The queen of the fairies perhaps or goldilocks. Far in the distance there is a lovely little house with a great big chimney it is a beautiful house with a big gate and lovely beams of dark wood.
As you get closer you can smell lovely food being cooked coming from the house maybe it is the three bears after all. The closer you get the more your tummy rumbles the most delightful aroma is slowly wafting through the woods. You could probably smell it for miles and miles. When you get to the big gate there is a huge tree with a swing I wonder whose swing it is what fun it would be to play on this swing. At the door way is a pile of logs freshly cut for a big fire they must be to keep you very warm in the cold days ahead. The door is open so I go on inside “hello is anybody here” but there is no reply. I go into the kitchen and by the cooker is an old lady stirring something in a great big pot “hello dear” say’s the lady “have you washed you hands for dinner “yes Nan I reply. After all this house does not belong to the three bears but to my lovely Nan who I’m visiting but it could you know it really could!


Hi to all, at last ive started my job and im loveing it I feel so grown up and a human at last. Its hard work but very rewarding at the same time. Im going to Egypt not turkey as my boyfriend loves egypt and usually ends up getting his own way LOL . We have been together for 3 lovely years on the 24th of december and i love him just as much as i did when we got together.
it is my lovely cat Cuddles birthday on the 21st of this month she will be 2 years old and is still very cheeky. I am visiting eastbourne tomorrow because there are some lovely flats by the harbour and we have always wanted to live there so we are veiwing some and we will stop at our favorite restarant Frannkie and Bennys yumyum. is anyone watching im a celeb get me out of here i have and its great but i dont like kilroy,s attitude what do you all think let me know.
I saw elaine the other day it was nice to catch up it felt like ages since we had a catch hope all is ok with mum went for a job interview so im keeping my fingers crossed for her and i will let you know how she got on. so take care everyone and sorry it been ages but im a scatter brain and remerber when it to late for me to get on the computer xx

Sunday, 2 November 2008

sorry its taken so long

well im back and im soory its taken so long for me to get another blog sorted but ive started work yipee! at last ive been there for a week and im really likeing it everyone is really nice.
im not getting much of anything done really i did a 12 hour shift for the first time in my life and i take my hat off to all those people who do it all the time its very hard. my cat is not likeing the fireworks poor little luv but i dont ether. ive been giving her extra cuddles seems strange writing about giving my cat cuddles as her name is cuddles lol. how is everyone well I hope. i have ear ake and its driving me bonkers cant get to the doctors till tomorrow so ill leave it there.
bye for now xxx