Friday, 19 December 2008

sorry its been so long

hi all ive been so busy lately but its been a good knid of busy if you know what i mean. Im really enjoying work and have made some new friends. my new sofa is arriving tomorrow ive never had a new sofa so im really excited. im ready for xmas and get more excited everyday. ill be at andys mums for xmas so i havnt got to cook and im working boxing day . im getting a ring from andy as my present and its wrapped up and he put it on the top of the tree. cuddles spends her days eyeing up the xmas tree and luckily hasnt had it over this year tuch wood. things are going very well and i havnt felt this settled and happy for a long time im still learning that when things are good and going well to enjoy it and not fear it to go with the flow . my sister is having a baby girl in aprill i went with her for her scan. you could see the little fingers moving it made me cry.
well im off to bed i have work in the morning id just like to wish everyone a lovely christmas and a happy new year love laura xxxxxx


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I am happy to see an entry come across from you. I love happiness and positive feelings knowing this is as it should be. Congratulations Auntie to your newest baby girl. May your holiday season be all that you've dreamed of. Take care of you my friend as well as yours,

Missie said...

Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful holiday.