Thursday, 16 October 2008

Bipolar up and down

Hi im having a bit of a change in mood at the mo, so much emotion inside and so many thoughts.
Alot of things in my life are changing but there changing for the good so its not all bad I just find it really hard to ajust to change even the positive type. Having Bipolar is a challenge on its own but im getting there . I have some really cool friends who are there for me and my family are ok too. ive been stable for over three years and its great but i dont hold my breath i just thank god and count my blessings. one step at a time is my moto and its works honest.
im still waiting for my crb check so i can actually start at my new job .
Making big decisions always seems so hard and drains me mentaly but they have to be made life is never easy but its just the way it goes .
Im going to turkey in august and im very excited about it its going to be very hot and im going to sit by the pool with a good book and just chill out for once my holidays so far have been none stop on the go exspecialy when i went to Egypt i was so tierd when we got home but it was so gorgeous we stayed on a boat on the nile for a week and went in a hotair ballon over the valley of the Kings it was so romantic anyway more about Egypt another time by for now


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I'm hoping things settle down so that you can enjoy your day. Your travel sound exciting - Hubby and I do alot of it as well and want to start venturing out. Take care and have fun,

Sara said...

Change can be hard to cope with, even a positive change. If it is a positive change though, you'll feel the benefits once things settle down m'dear.

Glad to meet you :o)


Stuart said...

bipolar is tough......
mental health issues are so hard for other folk to understand.
I'm glad you are stable.

Lainey Laine said...

Awwwwww darling I'm so proud of you! Look what you have achieved in the last year!! You have done so well! I'm always here for hugs!! Love you lots. Lainey xxxxx

Missie said...

Nice to meet you. Lainey sent me over.