Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Still Waiting

Hello to all, may I start by thanking all you lovely kind people who kave taken the time to read my blog.

Well im still waiting for my crb check to come back and get my start date fro my new job.

I saw lainey today wich was great as im not going to make creative writing tomorrow.

I have a committee meeting to attend and i volunteer as the secetary to help out and I really enjoy doing it 99% of the time.

My sister samie came round today she is having another baby she already has alovely little boy called logan i love them both very much. Also my brothers girlfriend is exspecting a little boy and she laready has a little girl called tia she is so lovely and cute and i love her dearly aswell so there will be lots of baby's soon they are both due about 8 weeks apart if that makes sence.

ive really got into pogo the game site lainey intoduced me to it and now im always playing on it lol.

im feeling anxious at the moment and for no particular reason that i can think of just feeling very unsettled aand figity. I often get like it but its a bit worse today hayho thats the way it goes.

Id really like to take a minute to say thankyou to lainey for the past year i really value her friendship i know i might sound really soppy but sometimes its needed she has been a wonderfull friend to me as i find it hard to keep friendships going not because of the person but because of me and the way i am she is a very careing and understanding person and has a brilliant sence of humor so thankyou for bieng such a good friend.

right im glad ive got that out in the open it probably would have come out wrong if i tried to say it because i get tong tied. my cat cuddles is lovely she is 2 next month on the 21st im not sure what to get her for her birthday but ive already got her a stocking and a pet cracker and a calender with pet treats in it for christmas lol she is really spoiled but if your going to have a pet then why not spoil them thats what they deserve. nothing but the best for cuddles , so ive gone on enough bye for now xxxxx


Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww bless you! Im glad I met you and your a good friend too! Glad we are doing a course together again too! Would have hated it if I didnt see you lots! Was good to see you today hunni xxxxx

Stuart said...

glad you posted I wondered if you were going to keep it up!

Missie said...

There will be a lot of babies in the family!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Am looking forward to another one of your creativities. I read Elaines reads and love them - knowing yours will be a favorite as well. Take care and enjoy,